Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)


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PS4 original Variants

The PS4 original underwent, as launch consoles often do, several subtle hardware revisions. These had no effect on the appearance of the console and were mainly designed to fix small bugs that couldn’t be resolved via software updates. In all, there were three distinct versions of the 500GB console and two different editions of the 1TB console.

The 500GB console came in the following versions:

  • CUH-10. The original launch console.
  • CUH-11 or B chassis. Directly replaced the CUH-10. Featured an updated WLAN transceiver.
  • CUH-12 or C chassis. Directly replaced the CUH-11. A more substantial update, the C chassis PS4 reduced the rated power by 20W to 230W, lowered the weight of the console by 200g, and also swapped the touch buttons on the console for physical ones.

The 1TB console versions are as follows:

  • CUH-11. Boasted the same update as the CUH-11 500GB edition.
  • CUH-12. Boasted the same update as the CUH-12 500GB edition.

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